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This message is originating from Outlook 2016, for the same e-mail account that I am registered under at for all groups I participate in.


I do not have any sort of signature pre-configured in Outlook, and have never had my Gmail webmail signature appended to messages for this account that I did not originate using Gmail webmail.


So, let’s see if my Fran Leibowitz quote that’s currently set for the Beta group to be used when either web posting or e-mail posting automagically appears on this message in the web forum interface, which is what I would expect.  Also, those of you reading via e-mail, does anything show up when my message arrives in your inbox?



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The terrible state of public education has paid huge dividends in ignorance.  Huge.  We now have a country that can be told blatant lies — easily checkable, blatant lies — and I’m not talking about the covert workings of the CIA. When we have a terrorist attack, on September 11, 2001 with 19 men — 15 of them are Saudis — and five minutes later the whole country thinks they’re from Iraq — how can you have faith in the public? This is an easily checkable fact. The whole country is like the O.J. Simpson jurors.

      ~ Fran Lebowitz in Ruminator Magazine interview with Susannah McNeely (Aug/Sept 2005)

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