moderated Re: members column for date of last post #suggestion

Jim Higgins

That wouldn't capture reads (likes) by people who receive individual messages at their home email address... where there's no "like" button. Nor would it capture reads via the web by those who don't bother to click "like."

I'm not sure of the value of this even if the read data were accurate... but with it being as inaccurate as it will be I see almost no utility.

Jim H

Received from Toby Kraft at 12/6/2018 06:05 PM UTC:

Just want to mention there is no way to know who is 'reading' the posts, as there is no tracking of who 'opened' the email message (or viewed on the web either as far as I know).
That got me thinking that we can add a last post date for the most recent post/reply. But what about "Like"? Members could read posts and "Like" them so they are interacting with the group but not necessarily posting. Perhaps another data field of 'most recent Like' would be useful?

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