moderated Re: members column for date of last post #suggestion


Thanks, Toby.  You say: "That got me thinking that we can add a last post date for the most recent post/reply.”

That’s what is being suggested - to the member list in Admin. Did you have another suggestion that would allow me to see members who never post or those that post just once?

I am just curious about whether our newer members ever post. We used to have a requirement that they introduced themselves. We don’t now (although I realize we can add that in). And we’ll always have a percentage of lurkers or those who post rarely.

If we have the majority of members never post, then we cease to become an active list. If they never click on reply, even once, we can’t be relevant to them.

You mention, “likes”. I don’t believe there is any way to see them.

Really what I am talking about is metrics. Ways to measure participation and engagement.


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