moderated Re: Change the name of the Edit File function to Update File

Marv Waschke

I think the core semantic problem is that the entry in the file list on the server is being edited, not the file itself. The file has to be changed locally and the file on the server replaced. All the suggestions so far have been improvements, but none really thunk into place for me. Unfortunately, I don't have a good suggestion, but with so many good brains noodling on it, somebody is bound to come up with something.

In a thread on Group-Help, I volunteered to write a help page on the Files section because one of the moderators of one of my groups was stumped on how to edit a file. We have also noticed that some of our files were garbled (lost line end markers) in the transfer from Y!. I haven't begun to figure that out, but I suspect some misunderstanding of file types on the local machine.
Best, Marv

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