moderated Re: Update login expiration on site visit #suggestion

Jeremy H

On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 09:19 PM, Shal Farley wrote:
What should be done to assuage those who freak out when they can't siimply access but are sent to a page clearly informing them about what they must do and with all choices visible on the page?
You're missing the other case, the case where they are not taken to the login page. That's the case that motivated my suggestion.
Getting back to the original issue, the root of the problem is that, after 30 days of just going in to a page and doing whatever, a user is presented with essentially the same page (with only an inconspicuous change that I would suggest few people notice) but where you can't do whatever, in other words - from the user perspective - it's broken. (In a sense the '30 day' feature is it's own enemy - if people always had to logon, they'd be used to doing so, and so it wouldn't be a real problem).

If handling cookies differently to solve this is going to fall into the 'undesirable' category, the alternative is to make the page more obviously different - something probably most simply done by some sort of banner or popup, saying you need to login for full functionality (with appropriate butttons).

Possibly modifying the standard banner to be different colours for logged in or not is the way to go.


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