moderated Re: a PAID version with no footer links??? #suggestion



We sure would like "no footer links" whatsoever in our PAID group.
As JohnF said, at least the Unsubscribe link would likely need to remain. That's pretty much a standard for email lists.

Want a PURE email group, with no member ever learning there is an
"online interface" whatsoever.
I think you could also keep the Reply To links (Sender and Group) and Contact Group Owner, as those are mailto: links (no web pages involved in their function).

As to the rest...

The Mute links are useful for email subscribers also, though it takes one to the site to make the selection. And you con only Unmute via the site.

The Follow links are designed primarily for email subscribers, even though they take one to the site to make the selection. And the subscriber would have had to have visited the site at some time to make the "Following Only" subscription selection that activates the Follow/Unfollow links.

That leaves "View/Reply Online" and "New Topic" as the two links whose function is primarily aimed at using the web site. Those are the only two I think you could eliminate without diminishing the list functionality for email-using members.

So my recommendation would be to have this proposed option retain links to the subscription-related pages while removing links to the content pages.


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