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Is this the same ModTools Edward is charging mods $5.00 to use for each Y- group?

It it is, perhaps Mark can create his own Modtools. 



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Hi Mark, sorry I think I just sent a blank.  New to Groups.io.  I can see the way to quote in another group.  This one must be HTML then and a manual copy paste is easy for the sighted.
> A solution that I think will work was just staring me in the face. Background: we have a thread object in the database that is separate from the individual messages. It has a subject, which is taken from > the subject of the first message in the thread. When the subject for a thread is edited, this is the field that is changed in the database.

> Right now, when we get a message that's part of a thread, we compare the subject of the message with the thread object's subject to see if they're different. If they are, we start a new thread (create a > new thread object, etc). But if I just change it so that it compares the subject of the new message with the message that it was a reply to, we should be ok. If the thread's subject is changed, that           > doesn't affect this.

> One question: if I change the subject of a thread, should we change the subject of any message we receive to the thread after that before we send it to the group? Say I start a thread with a message  > containing 'Subject A'. I then change the subject on the website using the Edit Subject feature to 'Subject B'. Someone replies to the already sent out existing message, which contains 'Subject A'.         > Before we send the new message back to the group, should we change the subject to 'Subject B'? I'm thinking yes. Thoughts?
(Manually added quoters).  This sparks a thought, several actually so bear with me.
This might be the hook that allows correctly typing an 'OFFER' to a 'TAKEN' if the taken isn't an exact match in subject line.  Has potential for us Freecycle folks.
I don't know if you worked much with that set.  We are a pretty sizable block.  The ones on Yahoo are not affiliated with Freecycle.org but most of us are affiliated with ModTools (Ed Hibbert) and a significant number of us also use TrashNothing in tandem with our Yahoogroup.  What happens in basic is a person posts on Yahoo (via whatever means, email, logged in direct etc.)  then it passed to Yahoo where ModTools picks it up and sends it to TrashNothing.  If posted at Trashnothing, ModTools snags it and tosses it to Yahoo.  Basically a dual homed single site.
Is there potential for us to use something like ModTools to do the same with Groups.io?  If so, I'd be willing to test it with a smaller live Freecycle already homed in both places.  If it works, I can see if my co-owner in the bigger Freecycle would like to try it.  I also have a Café that could be used for testing after a basic test was done. 
If this is old news and not interested, let me know.  If it's new and seems of interest, I can work off line with you, Ed, and Andrew Trusty (TrashNothing).
And here's a real Café also on ModTools but not on TrashNothing:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/VaBeachCommunityCafe/info

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