moderated Re: Hashtag and Topic reply to overrides


On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 05:56 AM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
A hashtag with "reply only to sender" set is supposed to bounce stuff that is sent to the group.
I know what hashtags with "reply only to sender" are supposed to do. I wrote the Help section on hashtags. But when someone hits "reply" by email from gmail (and probably other providers), should not be trying to send both the group and the individual if the hashtag is so marked, and that is what it does, and then it bounces the one sent to the group. A person replying by email is not privy to the fact that the the topic is reply-to-sender. A person replying via web does know, because the reply is automatically marked "reply to sender." That is the problem here, and was the problem all along with this situation when a group is set to disable other reply options. People in my group were all alarmed, telling me their emails were bouncing, etc. I am guessing that the group's "disable other reply options" may be contributing to this problem (it may not, I don't remember - at one point our group had that setting, at another point it didn't) but I was planning to check that today

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