moderated My focus for the next few months


Hi All,

I think I mentioned this a bit in passing, but I wanted to update you on what I'll be focusing on for the next few months. Basically, there are two projects that I've started focusing on. The first is the ability for group owners to charge subscriptions for their groups. I posted a first pass at a help document a week or so ago that outlined some of the features, and I'll be posting a revised version of that next week. The tricky part of this project is figuring out the various interactions and screens needed, and to make it all easy to understand. I hope to have it launched before the end of the year.

The other project I've started working on is more straightforward but a lot more work, an iOS/Android app. While the website does work on mobile, it's not the best experience, and it cannot do notifications, which several groups have asked for (especially for chat). Plus, it's the 21st century, we need an app! There are several other projects that will also eventually roll into this, including the notifications overhaul, and unread message tracking.

Expect the weekly #changelog to be a bit sparse at times while I work through this. Of course I'll always be fixing bugs as well.


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