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Hi Mark,

Here's a rundown of our needs.

My groups are animal rescue related, so for our purposes we need links, files and spreadsheets. We are storing specific links to articles/blogs/etc related to rescue, vetting, & training type topics as well as supply and fundraising resources. 

Files contain information about our members or brainstorming discussions we've had that we feel are worth saving to be able to easily refer back to.  There are some files we like to feature regularly, so having a scheduling feature linked to files is very helpful for us.  This file goes out once a month. This file only goes out in the winter months. This file only goes out when someone joins the group. This file goes out every December 1.

For photos, it's more important for us to be able to email those out to the group and for everyone to receive them. We don't really have a need to store them.  The shelters send through pleas for rescue help and include photos. Once that dog or cat is rescued, there's no need for the other group members to have a copy of it to refer to on the group site.

We also have a transport group, specifically for our volunteer drivers.  That group of people doesn't want to have to ever deal with a group site. They want email alerts when driver help is needed and an easy way to reply back to the transport coordinator when they are available to assist. So they want about as vanilla as you can get as far as features.

So far, for our purposes, an events feature isn't something we need, but I can see a need for it should a specific rescue start a group for their adopters/followers/supporters and in that scenario an events feature would be helpful for adoption days or fundraising events. 

We rarely use polls.  In the past 10 years, probably only needed that feature once or twice.

Given how much money goes into vetting and transport costs, rescuers are looking for free services for communication purposes.  So any feature that uses a paid service is probably not a feature we'd be using..  We typically end up in services that make their money from advertising (a la yahoo). If groups.io ever goes to that model, please please please give us the opportunity to opt out of certain topics via tags.  There's nothing worse than being a rescuer and seeing ads from puppy millers.  Yes, stupid Yahoo does that because the group talks about dogs all the time so they think we'd be interested in buying these cute puppies (that we all know come from horrific breeding facilities because we save them from that and spend thousands of dollars undoing the physical and emotional damage incurred).  Sorry, just went on a bit of a rant there, but the point is if advertising is going to be tailored, there really should be an opt out feature to go along with that..  Without knowing the programming involved, tags seem like the easiest way for end users to do that.  Or maybe tags to opt in.  So for example if I'm car shopping and I like Toyota vehicles, maybe for awhile I'll add the tag Toyota to my ad choices.

I'm not understanding how you feel a wiki could replace links.  Can you elaborate on that idea?


On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Mark Fletcher <markf@corp.groups.io> wrote:
Perhaps it'd be useful to share and talk about the feature roadmap for Groups.io, especially in light of the recent conversation. Here's what I've been thinking, please let me know your thoughts.

- Calendar/Events with reminders
- Event signups, a la signupgenius.com
- Event scheduling, a la doodle.com
- General purpose polls
- Photo section
- Links and/or wiki (I'm leaning towards a wiki over a links section, but could be talked out of it)

Of course, the top priority is always bug fixing and making the site easier to use. Also, thinking of ways to increase engagement (i.e. getting people to come to Groups.io and use it). So, the recent conversations have been quite helpful.

Am I missing a killer feature? Would you order things differently?


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