moderated Re: Site updates #changelog

Bruce Bowman

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 10:03 AM, Marina wrote:
Thank you, Bruce. I must admit that I am still struggling with the concept and trying to figure out the practical use of both options.
I created a hashtag with the "reply only to sender" option that I intend to use for requests for articles for our newsletter. In such a case, I want everyone to know that the newsletter deadline is coming soon but I want actual submissions to come only to me (I edit the newsletter).

Similar needs have arisen in our group in the past so the ability to apply this hashtag is a welcome addition. Both options, of course, put the sender's address (not the group address) in the "reply-to" field of each message header; but only the new "reply only to sender" option (which is not available via a group setting) actually blocks attempts to send to the group.

Further discussion on this should probably either be moved to GMF, or posted to the original thread.


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