moderated Re: Wish List

Dave B.

Bob, Barb -- thanks for your thoughts, but I’m not sure you understand our problem.   As recommended by someone else, I posted this message to the Beta group in the hope that some additional flexibility will be added to in an upcoming version – consistent with some flexibility that exists in Yahoo Groups and Google Groups.  (Yes, has a richness of features that are not found in either Yahoo or Googlegroups, but not in this situation -- from what I can tell.)


Our organization needs to be able to unmoderate mail from outside the group or subgroup.   Either people in the main group can be unmoderated when writing to the subgroup or people writing to the separate Board group.   I could do that in Yahoo and Google Groups, but apparently not in

I've tried having the Board both as a separate group and as a subgroup, and we're stuck either way.  I haven’t been able to unmoderate mail from HOA unit owners into the Board group/subgroup or from outside contractors into the Board group/subgroup.

In Google Groups and Yahoo, I can configure my groups such that if I get a message from someone anywhere outside the group, it will be accepted without moderation.  I can open and close this feature at will.  In years gone by, the moderator for a Google group would get a message requesting moderation for an outside email, and it would include an option to accept further messages from that address without moderation.  I don’t see that now in my Google groups, but a feature like this would be excellent in  (It looks like there's a stub for that feature in the "accept" moderation dialog.)


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