moderated Re: Site updates #changelog

Michael Pavan

"Reply only to Sender" actively blocks posts in the same thread that
subscribers attempt to send back to the group. "Reply to Sender" does not.
I have "Reply to Sender” set as the default in my groups to be informative, not chatty; but it seems some people go out of their way to “Reply to Group” anyway, even though our Message Footer says:
| Replies are set to only go to the original sender, as RSVPs, 'me too's, 'I don't know's, and such rarely need to be sent to everyone.

So I think I like the "Reply Only to Sender” option.
I do wonder if those people will then create a New Topic to get around the "Reply Only to Sender”, which would not only subject the group to their misdirected replies, but also split the ’Topic’ into 2 or more ‘Topics’…

I must admit that I am still struggling with the concept and trying to figure out the practical use of both options.
It depends on the nature of your group "Reply to Sender” and "Reply Only to Sender” could help keep down the ‘noise of chatter’; however if you want everyone’s every thought to be heard, then set your group’s messages to “Reply to Group”.

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