moderated Re: Site updates #changelog

Michael Pavan

Yes, Group Owners should be able to control the default setting for their groups, and all options should be available for them to choose among.

I have no need/desire to restrict subscribers/members from communicating privately.

If such an option existed and is chosen as a blanket prohibition, it should be stated (by un-editable default) in the Group’s description (Home).

If done on a Topic by Topic basis, it should be stated in the Message Footer of those Topics (instead of the choice of reply links).

Perhaps all Messages should state what the default reply is.

Changes to the site this week:

• NEW: Topics can have a reply to setting that overrides the group's reply to (and any associated hash tags).
• NEW: Replaced the Reply To Sender Only checkbox on hashtags with a dropdown, allowing you to override the group's reply to setting.
• NEW: When a subscriber is viewing a member's profile, display the Email button to send them an email.

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