moderated Re: add mod choices "reply and lock topic" or "reply and moderate topic" #suggestion


On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 07:25 PM, dave w wrote:
Is it that critical that 'instant' suspension of access/ reply to some thread is so urgently manifest,
Sometimes, for example in the case of someone's sick or dying cat, yes.

Do you sit watching every thread on every group every second of the day waiting for a runaway?
No, but if I did, I'd call that the opposite of lazy.

Was this activity available under the previous provider? I think not.
All the more reason to include it. Let to continue in its trajectory of being not the same as, but better than, yahoo groups.

For a free service, I see far too many demands 
First, I don't think that's your call. Second, these are not demands, they're suggestions and expressions of desire. Third, I'm willing to bet that Mark appreciates feature suggestions here, which is the purpose of the beta group, or one of them. Fourth, I pay for my group. I encourage you, too, to upgrade to premium if you haven't already. :-)

What the US likes to refer to as their freedom of speech- when that speech suits others of course.
I have no idea what you're talking about. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech that I can see, except possibly insofar as you want to deny others here the "freedom" of speech to talk about the features they want. :)

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