locked Re: Replying to poster off-list


On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 11:33 AM, <cshenk1@...> wrote: 

BTW, I don't see how to quote online yet either but it's probably on some list to add later ;-)

Quoting on-line works if your message type is Plain text or Markdown (there is be a button that inserts the quoted message into the reply box). I haven't added this for HTML replies yet for two reasons: 

- Quoting an HTML message is more tricky than plain text
- The wysiwyg editor that I'm currently using (http://summernote.org) isn't great when dealing with block quotes in HTML. Specifically, it's really difficult to split up/insert text inside a block quote. In gmail, if you want to reply to part of a message, you just hit enter at that point and it splits the block quote into two so you can reply easily. Summernote doesn't do that, and I haven't found an editor that does yet. 


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