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Michael Chopra

 hi. First of all, I don’t want to be accused of hijacking a thread. But could you not also say that group owners/moderators should be able to control what the member has to give when they subscribe? Essentially, what I’m saying is the owner or Moderators  could configure it so that other options have to be required in order to gain approval to the group.
From Michael.  


From: on behalf of Charles M. Register <charlie.register@...>
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2018 10:33
Subject: [beta] Give group owners control over how subscriptions are processed #suggestion
Suggestion: Give group owners control over how subscriptions are processed

Background: When a person who is not already a member sends a group subscription request via email (via, they must confirm their email address before they are placed on the group's "pending approval" list.  This is typical listserv behavior expected by most owner/moderators.

However, if they subscribe through the "Apply for Membership" button on a group's web page, they are immediately placed on the group's "pending approval" list, and assigned a "NC" (not confirmed) tag.  This has caught some group owner/moderators unawares (myself included).

I understand from previous discussions that this process is by design.  I also understand that it is problematic for some group owner/moderators.  For one thing, it is too easy to approve an unconfirmed address, which is not good security practice.

Rather than reopen the debate about the merits of this process design, I suggest a possible enhancement that would serve as a workaround for those who find it problematic:

Specific Suggestion: Add a group configuration option that controls the "Apply for Membership" button.  This could have the following options:

1. Make the button work as it does now (default);
2. Make the button not show at all on the group's main page;
3. Make the button a "mailto" link directed to the groupname+subscribe address;
4. Make the button a link to an owner-supplied URL.

           -- Charlie

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