locked Re: Issues with thread renaming


On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 12:32 AM, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:

>- Somehow we keep track of any subject changes and use those when
>figuring out if a subject line has changed. This is really complicated.

Maybe only the most recent prior subject line, rather than the full history of changes.

A solution that I think will work was just staring me in the face. Background: we have a thread object in the database that is separate from the individual messages. It has a subject, which is taken from the subject of the first message in the thread. When the subject for a thread is edited, this is the field that is changed in the database.

Right now, when we get a message that's part of a thread, we compare the subject of the message with the thread object's subject to see if they're different. If they are, we start a new thread (create a new thread object, etc). But if I just change it so that it compares the subject of the new message with the message that it was a reply to, we should be ok. If the thread's subject is changed, that doesn't affect this.

One question: if I change the subject of a thread, should we change the subject of any message we receive to the thread after that before we send it to the group? Say I start a thread with a message containing 'Subject A'. I then change the subject on the website using the Edit Subject feature to 'Subject B'. Someone replies to the already sent out existing message, which contains 'Subject A'. Before we send the new message back to the group, should we change the subject to 'Subject B'? I'm thinking yes. Thoughts?

Either way, this points back to a need for a mechanism to explicitly break and connect threads. Er, topics. Provides a means to repair any unfortunate consequences of whatever mechanism is chosen for handling Subject edits.

Working on it. Splitting a thread is almost ready. Combining two threads will be trickier, if for no other reason than figuring out a good user interface for how to do that.


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