locked Re: a suggestion regarding the invite/add members feature


On 19 Feb 2015 at 12:31, Steph wrote:

Why are you making the ability to add members only available for
people who pay for upgrades of their group?  There are not other
mailing list services that I know of that do that.  Yahoo even doesn't
do that.  That part is still free however not all of that feature is there
on their page.  Wouldn't making that feature available only for
premium members turn people away?
Just from my point of view, I have been looking for something like what
groups.io offers for a long time. I'm willing to pay for those features and
I'm going to pay to support the development, whether I get charged
anything or not.

The easy transfer process apparently is free, so you don't have to buy a
one-month upgrade. But it's probably enough of a deterrent to spammers.

And there still is the invite process. You can upload a bunch of
addresses, and they will be invited. ezpz.

As for the other side, have you tried to Add Members at YahooGroups
lately? As Shal pointed out, they've taken away that feature, for fear of
spammers taking advantage.

It's great that groups.io even offers the feature.


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