moderated Request for more functional move/split #suggestion


Suggest adding/modifying for better functionality in moving/splitting messages.

Can't find a way to move (merge?) selected messages into their "proper" topic, because it appears to be an "everything newer than, or nothing" type operation. 
e.g., interspersed down a msg history, 3 members hijacked a thread and ONLY THOSE (non-sequential) msgs need be de-hijacked.  Using SPLIT screws up that intention, unless major work is done following up to move things back around that were never needed to be moved in the first place.

I'm thinking, in a dialog from the "Edit" options, checkboxes to choose how many/whichever msgs need to have some operation carried out on them (merge, or move, or reassign to a brand-new topic?

Also, many may find it more helpful if terminology was consistent across the platform and between menus and help/instructions, e.g., is it a Topic or a Thread? (etc.)

Thanks for considering and keep up the excellent work!


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