locked Re: a suggestion regarding the invite/add members feature



Why are you making the ability to add members only available for
people who pay for upgrades of their group? There are not other
mailing list services that I know of that do that. Yahoo even doesn't
do that.
Yahoo Groups no longer allow direct adding members at all. They gradually restricted the feature more and more tightly before they ultimately turned it off altogether. This was in response to abuse by spammers and scammers who were using Yahoo Groups to send junk emails. I suspect that's part of why Groups.io requires payment for that feature.

Groups.io's free features (invite and join) are much easier to use than Yahoo Groups, so it is simply a win there. Plus, the Easy Group Transfer feature is free. I'm not trying to talk you out of your idea, by the way, just explaining the way things are.

I hope that I sent this to the right place and it's helpful.
I think it is the right place and helpful. But I should let Mark speak for that.

-- Shal

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