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I have nothing against letting members ‘find each other,’ as you put it, but currently at least, there is really no mechanism for that anyway. Group members can access group directories only in groups that have chosen to make it accessible to non-moderators (although in groups where it is accessible, that might be a way for members to find each ofher). There is currently no @ member PM fearure, although that has been requested several times; etc. The whole system is geared on messages, with member profiles almost seeming as an afterthought. If Mark changes that at some point, I could see value in your suggestion.

I envision the hashtags applied to members to be along the lines of identity vs description - e.g. city and state in a group geared towards sales, specialty in a technical group, etc. Using them that way would not create the volleyball vs tennis problem you cite, although of course usage would be up to group moderators (including, as now, which hashtags could be used/applied by non-moderators vs which ones could be used only by moderators). 

Best wishes to you as well.

On Oct 17, 2018, at 3:45 PM, Rob Gordon <rob@...> wrote:

"It still would do little or no good for members to be able to "find" other members with those interests".

Sorry, I just could not possibly disagree more.   I should not have commented on your old post - good luck getting the features you want implemented. 


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