moderated Re: Ability to apply hashtags to group members #suggestion


On Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 11:23 AM, Rob Gordon wrote:
In your model, a member who usually posted about say "tennis" would have their profile and everything they posted about automatically tagged as "tennis" - even if they suddenly started posting about "volleyball" - what a mess that would create. 

It would not create a mess since the group moderators would tag the group members with only the hashtags deemed important for that member and that group. In my group, for example, I would tag all members whose cats have large cell lymphoma (as opposed to small cell lymphoma, a radically different disease) so that all the topics they start would be tagged with that designation. There would be no requirement for any member to have any other tags. There would be no requirement, in fact, for any moderators/groups to use the feature at all. So there would be no "mess."

Allowing users to tag their profiles - in the example I gave, with "tennis" or "volleyball" would at least provide some content and would allow members to find other members with those interests. 

However, the fact remains that, unlike, say, Facebook, is message-based rather than profile/user-based. It still would do little or no good for members to be able to "find" other members with those interests. My feature request was a request for a feature, as currently designed.

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