moderated Re: Ability to apply hashtags to group members #suggestion


On Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 07:39 AM, Rob Gordon wrote:
..making them automatically apply to their posts sounds overly complicated. The results list of the hashtag on a members profile should simply be the other profiles with that same hashtag 
You could implement whatever functionality is desired, but tagging their posts automatically was the reason for my request of the feature. I want people whose cats have xyz disease or issue to be tagged with #xyz so that their POSTS are automatically tagged with #xyz, (a) facilitating other members' search for posts about that disease or issue and (b) saving the members themselves from having to tag their own posts, some of whom either fail to remember to do it or don't know how.

Having the tag return other profiles (by which I think you might actually mean UserId?) with the same hashtag would be pretty useless at this point, since most UserID profiles (at least in my group) are pretty contentless or don't exist at all. Furthermore, this hashtag idea is per group, not per UserId. It does not make sense to tag UserIds with group-specific hashtags.

So I think your reply might have been based on a misunderstanding here of my idea, which is to tag group profiles with hashtags. Not profiles.

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