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         Thanks for the words of support.  One of the groups on which I'm a moderator on has me do one, and only one thing:  manage the archive.  This is by agreement (no formal paperwork necessary in this case, but I see why it would be in yours) and the group's owner and other moderator can still call upon me on an as needed basis to "pick up" for them when they will be away (which has never happened since both have never been absent at the same time).

          When it comes to moderators, you have to trust those you chose for the role impilictly, including that they will exercise only the powers you agree to, even if the software in a given venue gives them broader powers.

           Software can become virtually impossible to manage if it allows each and every possible option to be configured.  One can see this in a number of office suites, where no one knows anything near to each and every option that's available and it's often very difficult to find the ones you actually want when you want them.  It's not that this style cannot be created, but it has its pitfalls, and they're not insignificant.

            On another site where I moderate there are "levels" above the moderator that do have even broader powers.  Moderators there cannot ban members nor suspend posting privileges, while the roles global moderator, site admin, and admin (which is the big kahuna - the "God Role" that can alter anything and everything) all can.  And, of course, you have to trust those who are in those roles, too.

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