locked a suggestion regarding the invite/add members feature

Steph <hsrsp@...>

Hello Mark and Everyone,
I'm Stephanie (Steph for short) and I don't know if this is the place to put this or not but here is a question with a suggestion concerning this.
Why are you making the ability to add members only available for people who pay for upgrades of their group?  There are not other mailing list services that I know of that do that.  Yahoo even doesn't do that.  That part is still free however not all of that feature is there on their page.  Wouldn't making that feature available only for premium members turn people away?
I like to try things with all of it's features before paying for it and I have members who do not have computers who use an internet by phone service to read and write email but yet they are still limited of what they can and cannot do.  I was thinking maybe make this feature free and available for all moderators and owners and maybe put a donate button on the page? 
I hope that I sent this to the right place and it's helpful.  Steph

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