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Walter Underwood

English compounding varies over time. Decades ago, “data base” was correct, then “data-base”, and now we use “database”. The AP Style Guide insisted on using “web site” until April 2010, when they allowed “website”. Both “baby sitter” and “babysitter” are correct.

When working on the Netflix search engine several years ago, I needed to add about three hundred synonyms to handle the “one word or two?” problem, things like Fullmetal Alchemist and Full Metal Jacket. My favorite was the movie Ghostbusters. Though Hollywood is famously picky about trademarks, the poster has that as a single word and the title sequence has that split into two words on two lines, “Ghost Busters”.

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I’ll fight to the death that proper grammar and structure are important and should be retained no matter.  For instance, one does not know when something may become unclear (to someone else.) What’s the big deal about doing something properly, too much work? More likely ignorance is bliss. 
We all know what it means when getting a txt or email like “Their going to meet us at the restaurant.”  Or “Your a valued customer.”  It doesn’t make it any more palatable jus cuz you know what was meant. 
A compound adjective is a compound adjective. Period (or en dash.)

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