moderated Re: Suggestion: Ability to send PM from a member's profile page #suggestion

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

And when you add in the figleafing of e-mail addresses in the forum interface, it becomes a real nightmare.

I cannot count the number of times where someone has, through the e-mail interface, offered an e-mail address that I still have no access to since I have the "No email" option set for all groups I am on, except when testing.  And it does no good at all to switch to e-mail delivery after the fact and then have to ask for it to be repeated again, as that gets annoying to the group at large and the person who's already given the information.

Not that I'm expecting it will change, ever, but I will go on record again that I despise the figleafing of e-mail addresses on the web interface.  We all have spam trapping and it's a myth that any e-mail address is private in any meaningful sense of the word private.  Once it's drifted through cyberspace just by being used to send e-mail it can be sniffed out by anyone wanting to do so.

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