moderated Re: Approval link ABOVE pending message? #suggestion


I can live with that, but do we really also have to have this bit?

A message was sent to the group from a@ that needs to be approved. This action requires your approval for one of the following reasons:

Your group is set to moderate all activity from this user, OR
Your group is set to moderate activity from all users, OR
This is a reply to a thread that is moderated

This fills my entire preview panel, meaning I have to scroll down to see the actual pendingmessage, which is not good if I'm in a hurry and trying to see what needs my attention before I go out..

I also don't see what value the three things above add. I already know this is a moderated message, that's why it's landed in my inbox. I usually remember why people are moderated, but even if I didn't, the above wording would not narrow it down in any way.

If we must have this additional wording, could it be placed below the pending message please.



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