moderated Suggestion: Ability to send PM from a member's profile page #suggestion

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

I have not actually encountered a situation prior to today where this would have mattered to me, but now I have, and I'll use the actual example.

Mark has locked the topic on disallowed groups, and although I know that I could e-mail to to contact him directly, many a random member would not.  I clicked through to his profile thinking, "Oh, I'll just send a PM, as what I'd like to tell him really isn't support related," but that option does not exist.

On many (and I'd say most) other sites that support a web interface similar to, if one clicks through on a member name to their profile, one of the functions available there is to send a private message (PM) to said member if they have not blocked private messaging.

It appears that certain groups do, in its entirety, but most don't.  If the feature is available, and the option is blocked by the member, it would be nice if the profile page indicated that PMs are not accepted in place of the PM link or button, though that's not essential.

Since you can't reply to a locked topic my usual, "Reply then use the private button," technique will not work for those.

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