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Sharon Villines

Re: Moderator vs Manager
From: Brian Vogel
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2018 18:46:38 EDT

I also disagree strongly. I don't know when it is finally going to sink in for some people that venues have cultures and the meaning of terms within those venues is very well established. The term "moderator" and the role is very well known. The moderator is also absolutely not an equal when they are exercising the role, and they are nothing but an equal when they are not. That's a fact.
But not all lists have a moderator with the ability to censor, stop discussion, etc. That’s a fact.

They were established by a person who was willing/able to set up the group and have several “moderators" who can “manage” the list when the “owner” disappears or is dead. The group list is for communications between equals. I have about 20 of those just now. I also have other lists that I do own and do moderate. I consult on the rules, but in the end, I decide.

You (for any you) had ought to try to acquaint yourself with the mores and folkways of the place you're entering before trying to make terminology mean something it doesn’t.
I have been functioning in this space for over 20 years. I was in several groups in Mark’s first groups venture. I have at times belonged to over 35 groups on 5 different platforms and have “moderated" 20-30. More acquainted I could hardly be.

“Manager" is a more accurate term for many groups. I would have no authority to censor or correct a group of faculty members, for example, or the members of a cohousing community. If anything they moderate themselves and each other.

Sharon Villines, Washington DC

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