locked Re: Issues with thread renaming



How about having a thread GUID in each sent out message that will be
used to put the message under the proper thread?
That's similar to how it actually works now. Except the GUID that is used is the Message-ID header field. That GUID is placed in the References and/or In-Reply-To header field of any reply. So if a given message is a reply there is never any ambiguity about what message it was in reply to. Those header fields are part of the internet email standard, and are supported by just about every email service or software.

The thing that Groups.io does with the Subject line is that it ignores that information and starts a new thread if the Subject line of this message doesn't match that of the prior message(s).

A feature allowing merging of threads would be lovely, too,
I certainly agree with that. And deliberately breaking them too.
(scroll about midway down in that message)

-- Shal

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