moderated Re: add mod choices "reply and lock topic" or "reply and moderate topic" #suggestion


On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 07:21 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
I just don't feel any need to keep myself on moderation because I'm the gatekeeper of moderation and am acutely aware of what's moderated.
I only do it to give myself a chance to edit my posts.
I agree with you on being aware of the responsibility of being a moderator.
And I, too, use the web interface most of the time. I use email basically only as a preview, and sometimes to respond when I'm out of the house.
But I don't understand what you mean by "if I am replying to a locked or moderated topic..." (emphasis added), because currently you can't respond to a locked topic. I do see another post by you below and will check to see if you amended this there.

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