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William Finn


You should add flat earth, fake moon landings, the moon is a projection , alien landings and geocentric universe to the conspiracy theories section :)

Oh and my favorite,  we are all part of an AI computer simulation :) 


On Tue, Oct 9, 2018, 4:46 PM Mark Fletcher <markf@corp.groups.io> wrote:
Hi All,

I'm working to better signal what groups are not permitted, as I don't think I currently do a good job of that during the group creation process. Here's some text I've come up with; please let me know if you have any suggestions. I'm not interested in a debate as to whether these things should be allowed. I'm just looking for any suggestions for how to improve the text, or if I missed anything.


Please ensure that your group adheres to our Terms of Service. We believe in freedom of expression and Groups.io, as a broad-based service, is designed to respect many different perspectives and enable them to co-exist seamlessly and effortlessly. With that said, we do not permit the following:

- Pornography, adult content or nudity (this will link to the existing pornography page).
- Harassment of any kind.
- Groups dedicated to media sharing or other illegal activities.
- Groups dedicated to the promotion of alt-right ideas.
- Groups dedicated to the promotion of conspiracy theories, including but not limited to: Gamergate, Pizzagate, and Qanon.
- Groups that are designed strictly to be advertisements or to otherwise game our group directory.

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