moderated Re: Removed for Spam suggestion #suggestion



3. the From: address is the owner/mod, not the group address
I think this is a bad idea (unless you mean the group's +owner address).

The problem is that the receiving service will look at who delivered the message ( and who is named in the From (somemod @ and treat the message as having been "spoofed". This will probably make the message more likely to be delivered to the spam folder, the opposite of your intent.

A message that is honestly from, or better still a message direct from the mod/owner's email service, are almost always more likely to be delivered to a person's Inbox than a spoofed message.

Suggestion 2 does not require the member to go to any web page, they
stay in their email. They only need to click Reply and Send.
I like this idea. Along with your later suggestion that 1 & 2 could be combined: a single message that lets the (former) member choose whether to reply by email or click the link.

I would suggest that the resubscribe command email does not generate
the welcome message or an email containing a link to confirm - if the
sender was previously subscribed to the group.
This is already true of the notice containing the resume link. So that should be easy.

This would require to retain knowledge that the member was
unsubscribed from the group,
This also must already be true for the resume link to work.


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