moderated Re: web-based questionnaire for restricted groups a pressing issue #suggestion

Nancy Funk <funkmomma71@...>

I hadn't seen this topic before, but as an owner of a group of people who meet in person with our children, I would love to have the ability to have a member questionnaire. As it is now when someone applies to our group we send them to a google forms application that needs to be completed before we allow them to join our group. So I've got to monitor not only the member request here on GIO, but also the google form and then transfer some of their info to a database here. It would be awesome to be able to have the full application process all in one place. The idea Mark stated earlier of having an application that allows owners the ability to decide what information to share to the entire group and what info to keep for mods eyes only is terrific. We were able to do this on BigTent, unfortunately, they are shutting down. While we love the simplicity of GIO, we do miss the ability to more fully screen our applicants without the use of another outside website. 

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