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On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 01:36 PM, ro-esp wrote:
it could be a serious disadvantage
Of course. And for the groups that would consider it a disadvantage: don't use the feature.  But sometimes - even, often - moderators don't want their group members contacting each other offlist. The only option for that currently is to disable the private-reply option - which, BTW, many groups that I know of have done. But members in those groups can still use the email addresses they find. Disabling the emails - essentially making everyone "special notice only" or "no email" - is the next step up.

Right now, in fact, any moderator who wanted to go to the trouble could keep setting and re-setting everyone to those subscription options, in essence creating a "web-only" group by hand. But it would be an enormous PITA. I'm only suggesting formalizing and making it automatic and outside the members' control.

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