moderated Re: Web-only group #suggestion

Jim Higgins

Received from J_Catlady at 9/28/2018 05:06 PM UTC:
Approaches to the anonymous group goal were hashed and rehashed endlessly when the idea first came up years ago.

I wasn't here "years ago" and neither were many others. If years ago mattered the topic would be dead... given that Mark apparently chose to either not implement it or put is so far on the back burner that it fell off the stove entirely. (As is his prerogative.)

There seemed to be no simple solution, IIRC. This just seemed like an easy one. Some people would, as you and someone else have already mentioned, not want to join such a group. But, chacon a son bout. I personally don't participate in moderated groups. Etc.

Just for the record... GMF is a moderated group. And it would be the first moderated group I didn't unsubscribe from within a week... so we aren't so different in that respect. For others, à chacun son bout. ;-)

Jim H

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