Re: Strip Out Embedded images #suggestion



However, keep in mind that much of the problem stems not at all from
the original post, but all the replies from subscribers that fail to
Indeed so.

The storage limit and cluttered Emailed Photos album are both
legitimate concerns and should not be tossed off as unimportant.
My answer to the cluttered Email Photos album may have seemed a toss-off ("I don't need to look there"), but yours is not much less so: you wouldn't have one at all (or would have an empty one).

On the other hand I'm fully on board with the storage concern.

This option strikes me as fairly simple to implement, and I cannot
fathom why anyone would object to having the tool in our toolbox.
I don't object at all to having such a control. Sledgehammers have their place. The good thing is that neither proposal (Drew's or mine) is incompatible with implementing yours in the shorter term. Just as we don't have to opt for stripping (or bouncing) embedded images, any group that does wouldn't need our options.

My purpose in commenting here is to explore whether there's a workable solution that resolves the /duplication/ problem, without also trimming away the originals.

Short of the kind of automation I suggested (that indeed may be too complicated to be implemented, at least in the short run), I like Drew's suggestion (2), even though it may entail a fair amount of group manager attention to preserve the desirable images in a permanent album.


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