Re: Strip Out Embedded images #suggestion



1. All emailed images would be retained permanently as downsized
thumbnails, viewable beneath their associated posts in the archive
MESSAGES and TOPICS listings, ...
I like that suggestion, it relates here in the sense of providing a reminder of images lost, given the implementation of (2).

2. The original full-size images in the Emailed Photos folder would be
retained there for a limited period, say 30 days, then automatically
deleted. The OP or owner/moderators would have a chance to move them
to a permanent folder during that time.
I like the idea of allowing the group managers to move selected images to a permanent album (assuming the <img> linkage in the message body gets fixed-up accordingly).

But I don't see the need for a time limit on the ones that haven't been moved; they could just auto-delete as any old attachment (assuming the group's management has selected to delete old attachments when approaching the group's storage limit).


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