Re: Strip Out Embedded images #suggestion



As a first approximation, I'd just like a group option to strip "cid"
(and perhaps "data") images and send them to the bit-bucket. ... and
when group members learn that their embedded images aren't getting
through [perhaps] they will begin sending them as attachments
Ah, I was wondering if you'd allow attachments, or require them to use the Photos section instead.

To me, stripping all embedded images just to cope with the proliferation problem feels like tossing the baby with the bathwater. In many of my groups there's a large value in being able to include illustrations or snap-shots in the running text of the messages. My goal would be to make that work as smoothly as possible in most cases.

And has largely achieved that. Were it not for group storage limits I wouldn't even have much heartache over the duplicated images resulting from replies, or the superfluous images in some members' sigs. Yes, they make a mess of the Emailed Photos album, but that's a feature I'm willing to ignore so long as messages can retain their image components.


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