Re: Strip Out Embedded images #suggestion

Michael Pavan

Here's a suggestion...

1. All emailed images would be retained permanently as downsized thumbnails, viewable beneath their associated posts in the archive MESSAGES and TOPICS listings, as per following suggestion

2. The original full-size images in the Emailed Photos folder would be retained there for a limited period, say 30 days, then automatically deleted. The OP or owner/moderators would have a chance to move them to a permanent folder during that time.

Admittedly, there is probably no need to permanently retain thumbnail images of silly signature gifs, etc., but they will not take up much space and will provide an archive of sorts of every image that subscribers have posted to the group.
Sounds good.

YahooGroups automatically removed attachments from messages and put them in an “Attachments” folder in the “Files” section. This made it easy for members to find an attachment by looking in that folder, rather than having to find the message, which frequently did not a Subject Line that was the same as the Attachment’s name and therefore makes finding the correct message more difficult.

Additionally a Group Owner or empowered Moderator, could easily (find and) delete attachments or move them to an appropriate folder in “Files”. I would quite appreciate it if would add a feature that would allowing deleting or moving attachments.

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