Re: Strip Out Embedded images #suggestion


Here's a suggestion...

1. All emailed images would be retained permanently as downsized thumbnails, viewable beneath their associated posts in the archive MESSAGES and TOPICS listings, as per following suggestion

2. The original full-size images in the Emailed Photos folder would be retained there for a limited period, say 30 days, then automatically deleted. The OP or owner/moderators would have a chance to move them to a permanent folder during that time.

Admittedly, there is probably no need to permanently retain thumbnail images of silly signature gifs, etc., but they will not take up much space and will provide an archive of sorts of every image that subscribers have posted to the group.


On 09/23/18 10:25, Bruce Bowman wrote:
On Sun, Sep 23, 2018 at 01:50 AM, Shal Farley wrote:

As you may know, images can be embedded in HTML formatted messages using a
few different schemes, only one of which ("cid") would be subjected to the
existing group Attachments control, and apparently that is also the only
scheme that gets listed in the Emailed Photos folder.
The "cid" version is the only one that I consider objectionable, inasmuch as these are the ones that proliferate.
An image embedded via a hyperlink (e.g: an <img> tag) is not objectionable to me, as it takes up no space in the group, or even on's server. It can become a problem later if the referenced, off-site image is subsequently deleted, but that's the OP's problem.
As for the "data" one, they aren't too objectionable, inasmuch as they are rarely used. But assuming such images do get forwarded in a reply, it would probably be best if they were handled in the same way as "cid".

I would support changes to handle images in a more uniform way, and
perhaps with a separate control similar to the Attachments control, but
operating only on embedded images.
I will take that as a bump. :-)

My suggestion for dealing with sig images would likely help with quoted
images too.
It would, but sounds so complicated as to never get implemented. As a first approximation, I'd just like a group option to strip "cid" (and perhaps "data") images and send them to the bit-bucket. This will take care of the sig line thing (not to mention that little 150-byte PNG reply separator in W10 Mail) automatically, and when group members learn that their embedded images aren't getting through [perhaps] they will begin sending them as attachments instead.*
*I acknowledge that I could be giving your average subscriber too much credit.

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