moderated Re: Changing attachment size in a gruoup does not change settings for existing members


Since messages can be rejected based on too large of an attachment, I think, unless I totally misunderstand, that the group setting does limit the attachment size the group will accept.

But agree that this is not a subject for beta.

On Sep 22, 2018, at 8:12 AM, Bruce Bowman <bruce.bowman@...> wrote:

On Sat, Sep 22, 2018 at 01:36 AM, YT9TP - Pedja wrote:
I noticed that group had attachment limit set to unlimited, and of course one user managed to send very large attachment to the group.

I changed setting to limit to reasonable attachment size for the group but I notice that for users setting is still set to unlimited.

Is that a bug or group setting would override member setting?
Default Sub Settings are applied only to new subscribers, and can subsequently be overridden in their individual Subscription. On that basis, it's appropriate that your recent change should not affect existing subscriptions.

Also, this setting is not what you think it is. It affects only the size of attachments that will be relayed to that subscriber via email. There is no setting to limit the size of an attachment your group will accept. If you want something like that you will have to moderate messages containing attachments and reject those manually (see Admin>Settings>Message Formatting>Attachments>Moderate).

A setting that does what you expected this to do is not a bad idea. But questions like this are best posted to GMF first...after an appropriate vetting period you can subsequently send it here as a feature request.

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