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Jim Higgins

Received from J_Catlady at 9/21/2018 04:08 PM UTC:
I also see that you are proposing the list be "editable." I think this is a dealbreaker. It would essentially allow users to pick and choose whom they want to send group messages to, and this is really a whole new feature that does not seem in keeping with the product.

Choosing to not reply to an address someone has inserted via a "Reply-to:" header is - in my opinion - well within the scope of the product. I suppose I could look at the source for every message before replying, but in a group where replies go to the group, if I don't like an added "Reply-to:" address I can't reply to the group (without spawning a new thread) because I can't delete the added address. Editable is a misnomer when it comes to addresses that I said I was OK with figleafing. The only logical edit to a figleafed address is to delete it.

This is why I didn't like the feature that allowed adding a custom "Reply-to:" address... and since that was approved I'd like to see that address if/when it is used... figleafed being OK.

If you want to talk about "in keeping with the product" I think anonymous (invisible) reply addresses aren't "in keeping with the product."

Remember... this only applies to replies made via the web interface. For the messages I receive at my home email address... and the messages received by many others at their home email address... we ALL can currently see the full email address of the sender and when replying can see the full reply-to addresses. It's not like refusing this feature request does anything of any real consequence in the realm of security. It's a convenience feature... like some of the ones you've requested that could have been achieved by existing means, but with more effort.

Jim H

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