moderated Re: Message Editor #suggestion

Jim Higgins

Received from J_Catlady at 9/21/2018 06:10 AM UTC:

Hold on, I'm re-reading the OP and I meant to limit my agreement strictly to private replies. If what's being discussed is showing all the addressees any time the reply is to the group, I think that's a dealbreaker. I'm not sure I understand what's originally being proposed.

Under my feature request, all addresses to which the reply will go would be visible and editable (just deleteable would be adequate since there's no point to being able to edit figleafed addresses) when composing a reply using the Gio web interface. They would be figleafed per the settings the group owner made as regards email addresses being visible. I'd even be OK with ALL reply addresses being figleafed when composing via the Gio interface, regardless of the group owner's settings. In short, I want the option to not reply to addresses that I now cannot even see that I might be replying to.

Jim H

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