moderated Re: icon for private-reply topics #suggestion


On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 01:59 AM, Marina wrote:
"private reply only" option should be available both to moderators in the drop down menu under the messages in Topics view (so that moderators may have a less harsh alternative to locking a topic) and to members who, for any reason, may wish their queries to be answered privately.
Further to my prior reply, only moderators can edit topics anyway (i.e., use the dropdown). Not group members. So the bottom line is that you can give your members the ability to set a topic to "private reply," but only by creating a hashtag set to that and allowing non-moderators to use the tag. 

I would still like to have the option available in the dropdown, so that I can catch certain threads and set them to private reply before any replies come in.

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