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Jim Higgins

Received from Brian Vogel at 9/20/2018 06:56 PM UTC:

On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 02:30 PM, Jim Higgins wrote:
reply will go plainly visible and editable before the reply is sent.
Why? If you are part of a typical conversation group on a service such as this one replies can, and should, always go to all current members of the group.

Groups can be set up to reply only to sender, therefore it must be Gio's opinion that your opinion above isn't shared by Gio. Nor was it shared by Yahoo Groups. Nor is it shared by group owners who have chosen to set up their groups to reply to sender rather than to the entire group.

And... unless I'm recalling incorrectly, a feature was recently added to allow a sender to insert a "Reply-to:" header that could direct a reply to a 3rd party who is neither the sender nor even a member of the group. I think we should have an opportunity to see exactly where any response is going so we can decide whether or not to send the response.

You can't do this via the e-mail interface and shouldn't be able to, either.

I shouldn't be able to see where my response is going? Seriously?!!!!!!

It's precisely because I can't do this via the web interface that I'm requesting this feature to be added. I can see who I'm replying to when I create a reply in my home email client (as I am now), why not via the Gio message editor also? It's "standard" in any email client I've ever seen that the person creating a response can see the address to which he is responding. And being able to do so is even more important when the ability exists to put any darn thing someone wants to into a "Reply-to:" header.

Private responses can go to one or more members of your choosing, but replies to a conversation group should always go to all members of the group. If you want a side group then do that by e-mail.

Not all groups are "conversation groups"... and with the ability to insert a"Reply-to:" header we have lost the ability to expect that responses are limited to group, sender or moderator (or some combination of those). If there is going to be an unexpected reply-to address added to a reply, I want to know what it is before sending that reply.

Why would you object to that?

Jim H

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