moderated Re: Footer variations in individual emails

Jim Higgins

Received from Brian Vogel at 9/20/2018 03:57 PM UTC:

I repeat, at the Group Level. I understand individuals might want to reply to sender. What triggered me to start all this in the first place is the fact that when one receives a message in plain text format there is no convenient way to actually do just that. But why you would ever want every response that anyone makes to go back only to the sender, which is what I take setting "Reply to Sender" at the Group Level, to mean is what I cannot fathom ever doing.

You don't need to fathom it. There's a valid need for "Reply to Group" groups and the solution to your dislike of them is to not join them or not click the "Reply to Sender" option if offered.

I don't like cats anywhere near me (apologies to J_Catlady). The solution to that phobia that originates from a bad childhood experience is to stay away from cats, not to suggest that no one else should have a cat.

Just saying.

Jim H

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