moderated Re: Footer variations in individual emails

Michael Pavan

All 4 options should be fully functional and operate in the same manner.
I would think whichever one of these was set by the Group Owner, that one is the default behavior when someone replies via e-mail.

I can't imagine what earthly purpose the "Reply to Sender,”
I don’t want any of my groups to be chat forums. My groups (for various amateur music groups) are intended to report on our gatherings, however other musically related posts are permitted. Most of my Subscribers/Members want to be informed, unfortunately human nature is such that there are always some that want to share their decision making thought processes, joke around, etc so I’ve added this to the footer:
| Replies are set to only go to the original sender, as RSVPs, 'me too's, 'I don't know's, and such rarely need to be sent to everyone.
Discussion about things musical is appropriate, however it not what happens the most - a functioning “Reply to Group” option in the footer (in all formats) is desirable for that.

or "Reply to Moderators,” options
One of my groups is for announcements of Dances to dancers - again not a chatter forum. It is an "Announcement Group” (Only moderators are allowed to post.) “Reply to Moderators" sounds like a useful option for it - maybe I’ll change it to that, although I have it set to “Reply to Sender” (as all my groups are), and in this case the Sender would always be a Moderator.

at the Group Level would have if a group is to function as a group.
There are many types of groups which function, but that does not mean they all have to in the same manner as they do not all have the same purpose.

The "Reply to Sender" as default makes the group roundabout e-mail,
I don’t know this term ‘roundabout e-mail’, I presume it means “non-chatter forum”...

and the "Reply to Moderators," is some sort of weird "everyone's moderated" status,
No, it means that replies go to Moderators, not everyone.
‘Everyone's moderated' status can be a good option for an 'Unrestricted Membership’ group or a group when discussion is ‘out of control’, and can be achieved by:
Admin: Settings: Spam Control: Moderated (All posts require approval before being sent to the group.): Update Group
Admin: Members (check all): Actions: Use Group Moderation Setting: Override: moderated: Verify Action: Yes

but I don't even know what the moderators would do with a message not really intended "for them" that comes to them.
Either delete it and/or send a message to the poster that it appears their message was intended for someone specific and should have been directly sent to that person, not the group or in this case the group’s Moderators.

As a moderator I can't post as if I were someone else, nor would I want to.
Of course not, no one should be spoofing anyone else.

Heaven knows I do not ever want a "Reply to Moderators," or "Reply to Group and Sender," link as part of the standard link cluster in HTML messages. If anything, the "Reply to Moderators," link would be better identified, were such to be included, as "Report this message to the Moderators," but I wouldn't even necessarily want that.
What you do not want, may be exactly what others do want.
I believe will be useful to more people/groups and function best, if it can be set to meet all needs rather than pared down to the desires of a few.

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